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Welcome to my website!

In my family, we go out to dinner once every two weeks, every other Wednesday. However, deciding where to actually eat dinner is a difficult and time-consuming decision that frequently results in a lot of confused arguing and an eventual decision to eat at that one resturaunt that we always end up eating at. To curb this problem, I've created a directory of places that we've eaten, how much we enjoyed the food, and any other information that may be relevant to making those tough dinner time decisions.

Update - 4/15/2019

I have added a new section to the site, as a result of further dinnertime struggles. While having a directory of places we've been is great, I've come to realize that my family also struggles to pick meals to cook for dinner. In the hopes of alieviating my poor sister, who hates the fact that we eat salmon sandwiches about once a week, I've established a list of meals we enjoy as well.

About Me

My name is Theodore Milleson. I've lived in North Texas for almost 19 years, and like most humans, I require organic fuel as sustinence. This is my own personal directory of foods I like and places I like to eat. Like a blog, but less intensive on the backend. I have a lot of other web projects, which you can find (mostly) on this site's directory.