You have one other major project right now, aside from--okay, actually, you don't only have one other major project. You have like forty seven major projects, all of which are about equal in terms of urgency. You're not very good at this whole "multitasking" thing, despite the fact that you consider yourself to be some kind of tactical genius puppetmaster. But one of those many projects on the extensive rows of backburners in your brain is building a professional looking website for a client of yours whose current website looks like it belongs on a Buzzfeed article for "10 Hilarious Web Relics from 1997 That Are Still Live Today." It's seriously one of the worst websites you've ever laid eyes upon, complete with outdated flash web Powerpoint transition effects, and that's speaking as someone who's made a hobby of making horrible websites. This semester project could provide exactly the right amount of structure and authority you need in order to stop making fun of it and start working on it.

And on the other hand...

Sometime in 2015, you made a website for your group of internet friends, before you really understood how HTML worked. It's horrible, barely functioning as a website, with autoplaying music and absolute positioned divs and "center aligned text" using a center tag, probably. So basically the three cardinal sins of web design. The whole thing takes almost three minutes to load despite your high speed internet. It was good, in the same way that The Room is a good movie, by virtue of being so bad that it overflowed the counter for badness and looped over to -1. But now that you understand HTML, you can't help the fact that every time you look at it, you feel a little twinge of lost potential. You know you could do it so much better/worse now. You have to know the rules in order to break them, after all. You're not sure if you could successfully warp it into something you could submit to your professor, but isn't it worth a try? It doesn't even have any JPEG artifacts in it. There's so much lost potential... This semester project could serve as the conduit for your creativity, forcing you to find roundabout ways to meet the critera while simultaneously making a mockery of all things "graphic design."

So you have to choose. Work, or pleasure? On one hand, the work has the potential to earn you real money, but on the other, it's going to require a lot more focus and effort on your part. On the other, the thought of the beautiful ways you could mangle a website and simultaneously demonstrate everything you've learned in class thus far is tempting, but ambitious. What will you do?

Work, or pleasure?